The glorious mountain sunshine ended as we dropped down to Seward. Foggy, with the mountaintops cut off by low laying clouds Seward was “socked in”.

We drove to the Bay, where Seward provides inexpensive RV camping. ($17 dry $35 water and electricity.) It looked like there was no room at the Inn for late comers.

Alaskan Spring Adventure 2 2013 003

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to join the party.

Alaskan Spring Adventure 2 2013 004

Compounding the problem there was no way to physically reserve a spot, no posts to hang a tag, no host to register with. Campers self register and were expected to either leave their RV on the parking site, leave some chairs or something to let everyone know “this site is occupied.” There was also something about “claim jumping” other peoples site is rude.

I decided there had to be something better than RV city so we drove down the bay, but everything looked full.

Alaskan Spring Adventure 2 2013 007

Alaskan Spring Adventure 2 2013 005

We decided to drive around town, have lunch and maybe a boondocking opportunity would turn up.  We came across a “Save On Parking”  private lot just south of the ” City Public Parking, South Lot” that let us park overnight for $15.00, which was 2 bucks cheaper than the waterfront. BINGO!