all good things must pass

We are home now. As I write this we’ve been home two weeks. It’s been hard getting back in the swing, but I’m trying. My garden is 1/2 planted. It’s late but we will have some veggies. I found the soil at our new house is clay. My Mantis tiller (normally a ripper) just bounces on top. I plan on digging in a lot of organic matter to improve the soil’s workability.

Thoughts on the Alaskan trip now that the dust has settled? It was everything I dreamed of. The trip IS a “once in a lifetime” for most people. But I guess I’m lucky, I’ve been on a few once in a lifetime journeys.  Though I haven’t got around to figuring up the bill I know we spent more than I originally considered. Gas ran as high as $5.52 a gallon in Canada, except up there they sell in litres to confuse Americans, to $3.86 in the US.  We were  getting 8 mpg at first but after the new engine loosened up it moved to 11 mpg toward the end.

The RV had 14 miles on it when we started and 4574 when we turned it in for a total of 4560 driven. Before the trip I had google mapped our route at around 4200. I’m not sure where the extra miles came from.

Would I do it again? Probably not. There are people who take this trip multiple times. The trip sells out every year. One couple has driven an RV to Alaska for the Great Alaskan Holiday company every year for FIFTEEN YEARS STRAIGHT. This year in appreciation the president of the company presented them with a piece of the Alaskan Highway mounted on a plaque.   A rock? How about a tank of gas? Or 10 trips one free? A rock? Really?

I’d love to explore the Yukon better. An RV isn’t camping. You’re isolated, in a box.  A canoe trip is in order, spend time out on the land, not passing through at 50-60 miles per hour.


In the plane, homeward bound.


One thought on “all good things must pass

  1. Hey there…I was surfing about looking for info for my upcoming AK Highway road trip and came across the link to your blog on TripAdvisor. Thanks for the chronicle of your journey…I enjoyed it, and the info was useful.

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