Portage Glacier

Portage Glacier is probably the most visited in Alaska. It’s a short bus trip through the tunnel from Whittier, where many cruise ships dock on their way up and down the coast. It also is only about 56 miles from Anchorage. In season, there is a small cruise boat that takes passengers around the lake and up to the snout on the glacier. As with all the other bodies of water we saw on this trip Portage Lake was frozen, with only a few open leads.



We toured the Visitor Center, but didn’t get to experience their film on the Glacier. They had “technical difficulties” on our day. 


Fe met Smokey.

We parked up the road and I cooked hamburgers for lunch. This picture is for a lady on Tripadvisor Cjnky I don’t know if GAH read your comments, and I can’t speak for the other “2013 Adventurers” but they supplied a metal spatula in our kitchen gear!



the view from our dinette.


After lunch Fe took a nap and I went walking.




After my walk we found a pull out down the road next to the river to boondock for the night. Snow covered peaks, a swift flowing river and free camping, priceless.


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