Not all journeys run smooth…

We spent an hour or so organizing and packing our bags for our return flight home. It was a little hectic, trying to get everything, including a few souvenirs in our luggage, but in the end, we jammed it all back in. 

On our last night while backing up I blew it. I backed into a tree and dented the bumper. CRAPPOLA. When signing up for this trip I had debated whether to take the CDW (around $500.00) or not. I ended up taking it and was happy I did. Besides the dented bumper there were a couple other dings and dents to the RV I assumed they would charge to me. Oh well, as they say in the Philippines, “Bahala na.”

We pulled out for Anchorage early Tuesday morning. The Memorial day traffic had already driven back on Monday so we had the highway around Turnagain Arm mostly to ourselves. It was a pleasant early morning drive into Anchorage. 

We had until 10AM to turn in the RV so we had breakfast at McD and then filled the gas and propane at a Holiday station just down the street from Great Alaskan Holiday on Old Seward Highway. By 8AM we entered the lot, parked and unloaded our luggage. 

When we picked up the RV in Forest City they gave us a yellow sheet that we were supposed to list everything that needed repair. On it I had 4 items. A black paint rub from a protective post in a campground. A scratched step and bent generator exhaust pipe. A missing red cover on a rear running light, and worse of all the dented rear bumper. 

After walking around the RV with a GAH representative, and her reading me the riot act about “why didn’t we use a spotter?” and “how did this happen?” She said they would have to get estimates for the damage and that it would take some time. 

In the meantime several more RV’s from the Spring Adventure came in and it began to look like a traffic jam. It took about an hour for the service manager to look at our RV and get the estimates checked out. 

They wound up charging me $1000.00 for four separate incidents, $250 per incident per the CDW waiver. I guess it would have been less expensive to me, if the RV had slid off a cliff, ONE INCIDENT.


The black rub. They also charged to replace vertical “L” trim.


Missing red cover. They charged to replace the whole light AND the adjacent vertical “L” channel. 


Bent exhaust pipe and scratched trim.


Dented bumper. OUCH!

I’m still glad we did the trip, no complaints. We traveled through some breathtakingly beautiful country. And that’s what I prefer to remember.









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