Anchorage daytrip

Our flight home wasn’t until 8:30pm so we had the day in Anchorage. What to do?

While checking out a car for the day I saw one of the ladies behind the counter looked Filipino. Hehehehehehe, I asked her if there were any Filipino restaurants in Anchorage and she gave me directions to Kubo.Kubo is located in what apprears to be an international strip mall, along with Korean and other asian shops. They were just opening when we knocked on the door and hurriedly unlocked to let us in.

The restaurant is dark, with mood lighting. It had the look of a nightclub back in the Philippines. We saw two big screen TV’s for news, sports and karaoke and even a small stage at one end of the room.


The waiter seated us and handed the menus. As we were looking them over we noticed a parade of Filipinos coming in to order from a hot table in the back. In the Philippines we call this “Turo Turo” (“Point, Point”) in the US it’s called cafeteria. We told the waiter we would rather order that way and went to the steam table.


A savory selection of Philippine delights.

I had Humba and Sitao(Stewed pork belly and sauteed long beans), my wife had Fried Bangus and BBQ on a stick (Fried Milkfish and BBQ Pork.) Everything came with rice, of course.

The food was generously served, well seasoned and tasty, just like back home. And it was fun chatting with the other Filipinos who came in for lunch. I had no idea Anchorage had such a Pinoy population.

We later learned Kubo also has entertainment, besides the karaoke, with musical and comedy acts so the “nightclub” decor made sense.

We asked one customer what there was in Anchorage to see and do for the day and she answered “nothing except go to the mall”. So after lunch we drove down to 5th and C to check it out. on entering we saw a sign,


Check out the small print in the corner, A SIMON MALL. Our trip started at Mall of America which was originally developed by Simon, and Simon is from our hometown. Coincidence?

Anyway we didn’t like the mall so to kill a few hours WE WENT TO THE MOVIES! Hangover III. Not good, should have been Start Trek.


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