Last days in the RV

We had one full day and night before turning in the RV. I wanted to have a memorable day, not just pass the time, waiting. We drove north out of Seward and turned left to have a look at Exit Glacier. The morning was cold and overcast, with drizzle. 


The visitor center was closed. 


It was a 5 mile hike to get closer to the tip of the glacier. Since I’ve hiked and climbed on ice before I took a pass on this one. 

As we left the valley the sun began to play on the mountains.




Once inland the sky cleared and the beautiful snow covered mountains began to shine.


We turned right into the Portage River valley and at the top saw Portage Glacier and it’s lake. 

There is a tunnel going under the mountain to Whittier, where many cruise ships dock.I decided to pay the $12 dollar toll and go through.

The tunnel is 13,300 feet long and is used by autos and rail. It’s the longest mixed used tunnel in North America.



Claustrophobes beware.

Fe was worried a train would come in from the other side but traffic is directed by computer.

In Whittier we found a ship was docked with passengers waiting to catch a bus or wandering the town. 


After having breakfast at the local cafe we returned through the tunnel to the Portage Glacier visitor center.


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