Back to Seward

Up until Holgate Glacier we had seen 4 humpback whales, just the hump, one showed it’s tail, no breaches, a couple of mountain goats, way high on a cliff, several puffins, one sea otter and many sea gulls. I haven’t included any pictures because in most instances the critters were so far away the pics are uninspiring. I may have better shots on Fe’s Canon but as I wrote in another post, it takes special software to open them on a computer, and I don’t have that on mine, sorry.

As we started back towards Seward it hit me, I was seasick. The crew had made a point earlier if anyone got sick to stay out of the head. They called it the “room of doom.” I went out on the aft deck and stared at the horizon. It seemed to help, at least it kept me from upchuck, but as far as I was concerned, we couldn’t get back soon enough.

The captain found a bear, feeding high on a cliff.  Between waves of nausea I managed to get a few shots.


The black spot feeding on that cliff.


A last look back at Aialik Bay.

Long story short, I made it back to the dock without heaving, but had to spend a couple hours in the RV just getting my head straight. Next time bring Dramamine.


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