The next morning was Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to see part of the Kenai Peninsula before turning in the RV and flying back home. So we were on the Parks Highway at 5am headed south. We had 367 miles to drive and if possible, I wanted to be in Seward for lunch.

Not far down the road Denali shone pink in the alpenglow.


An even better panorama waited at the south view area.


We passed by the road to Talkeetna, the town that services most Denali climbers. By mid morning we were in Wasilla where the half term Alaska governor and failed 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin and her family lives. I drove by the driveway that leads to the Palin compound and noticed it was guarded by security cameras.

We stopped for coffee and internet at the local McD’s. I didn’t catch a whiff of Sarah, Todd, Track. Bristol, Willow. Piper, Trig, toot or poot while in Wasilla and later learned Mrs Palin was actually in our home town to attend the big race and probably see if she could stir up some of the race car crowd. Trolling for super pac donations no doubt.

We gassed up in Anchorage,  $3.969 a gallon and continued south to the Turnagain Arm of Cooks Inlet and the Kenai Peninsula.


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