Mixed weather, beautiful Yukon

I have noticed they don’t say “the Yukon” but simply Yukon. We left the Downtown RV at 8am, our latest start to date. But then we were only going to Whitehorse, Yukon about 250 miles away.
A bit about the Downtown RV. It’s a gravel parking lot and it’s right in the middle of town, near the Signpost Forest, grocery and across the street from the Northern Lights Theatre. What it lacks in ambiance it makes up in service. The park has full hookups, good cable, internet sewer, water and 30/15 amp electric. Adjacent to the office is a coin laundry and clean men and womens showers with plenty of hot water. Archie, the owner, runs a tight ship and will treat you right. He charged us $36.50 for the night and got us a 3% discount on a gas fill up at the FasGas just down the street. Every little bit helps.
How do you know when you are suffering from “scenic beauty burnout”? When you don’t take so many pictures. Snow covered mountains rose into view, ho hum, another day on the Alaska Highway.
We were climbing through a forested valley towards a pass when I noticed the lowering clouds hade cut off the mountaintops and were dropping something ahead. It wasn’t rain but snow. Starting just after Swift River we entered about 5 miles of almost whitout conditions. Eventually the snow gave way to scattered sunshine.
We stopped to make a sandwich at a rest area next to a frozen lake. I didn’t realize until we were ready to leave WE DIDN’T EVEN RAISE THE SHADE while eating. Now THAT’S scenic burnout.
Before starting back on the road another RV pulled in and a couple got out to beat snow out of the wheel wells. They explained they had come from Alaska where it’s snowing. The man said he had driven through a 450 mile snowstorm. Great, that’s where we are headed.
The nearest Government campground that was open was Squanga. It was pretty but too far from Whitehorse. I decided to continue into town and boondock at the Walmart lot. Just to say we did.


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