010 Saturday, May 18 Outstanding day!

Woke early as usual. Took an early walk around the now full campground. Someone had come in the middle of the night and taken the site next to us. A pickup truck with a camptop pulling a brand new galvanized bear trap.The pickup had a sign that read they were welders and fabricators. I didn’t hear any disturbance from inside the trap so assumed they were delivering the trap somewhere in Canada.


On the road we slowly climbed out of the Peace River district and into the mountains. A lone caribou on the road was a harbinger of things to come. Before long we saw a small herd browsing at the side of the road. I stopped to snap a few pictures.



The scenery became more mountainous, with views of the snow covered peaks.


We turned a corner and saw a beautiful river valley with the water crashing down rapids and mountains framing the scene. I stopped again and walked over to frame the picture.


After snapping a few I peeked over the side and was surprised to see a brown bear not 10 feet down the embankment having breakfast. After making sure it wasn’t a grizzly, I immediately started taking pictures.


An exciting encounter.


Further up the mountain we came to Summit Lake, an empty high alpine campground next the still frozen lake. Victoria Day campers hadn’t yet made it up there. Last night if I had known such beauty was only 2 hours away I would have held out for this spot.



Further on we saw a black bear running away from the road. He was only a blur and I didn’t get a good picture but coming up to the place he was running from We see an old carcass with Raven pecking at it. We scared the bear while scavenging road kill and now old Raven was having his fill.

to be continued…


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