The Milepost

The Milepost  2012

With a paid reservation you get the latest copy of The Milepost, a telephone book sized magazine that lists all the travel routes to Alaska, mile by mile. Every motel, campground, gas station, roadside attraction, rest area, turnout and litter container is listed. At first glance it’s pretty impressive, and even though I already have our route sketched out, it’s interesting to read. Supposedly there is an online version I can download with the secret VIP number they gave me, something I’ll be exploring in the next few days.


The Great Alaskan Spring Adventure

spring adventure pic

Last winter while surfing around the net I found a thread about driving new RV’s to Alaska. A rental company in Anchorage buys 150 new RV’s from Winnebago every year and rents them at deep discounts to people interested in a long road trip to Alaska. You can read about the program here:

But don’t try to sign up for 2013. It’s sold out, and does every year. They are accepting backup reservations, in case some bail out. But you aren’t guaranteed a ride. I placed our reservation for this spring in May 2012.

North to ALASKA!

winnebago chalet

This spring Fe and I will be driving ( well, I’ll be doing the driving, Fe has already said she won’t) a 25′ Winnebago Chalet from Forest City Iowa to Anchorage Alaska. I’ve wanted to see that part of the world since the early ’70’s. FINALLY, on my way! Stay tuned…